Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Female Mole!

"RED colored words are positive

BLACK colored words are negative

feel free to add your own notes

this word "凶" shows up a lot in the mole map. it refers to a non-specific unlucky thing. according to the text to the left of the drawing of the girl, it could mean bad luck in your career, marital troubles, losing money, a sickly body, your friends are gonna bring you troubles (like they'll borrow money from you), etc..

i grokked this mole map from a mole buster's night market stall in taipei. the mole-buster's mobile number is on the lower right of the flyer. call him to arrange for a mole-removing session (in case your mole happens to mean something unlucky). "

Reference ~ Can't remember where I picked this from...

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