Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A blessing Christmas"IF"

Silent night, holy night, will all calm, will all bright?
Christ, the Savior is born, Christ, the Savior is born, thinking would he give me a chance, a chance to reborn, a chance to make things live without a torn.
My wish for this Christmas…"IF",
where "IF" every bad ending could be rewinded.

“IF there were no war”
“IF we have thought for a few more minutes”
“IF we knew our love is true”
“IF we were all young”

“IF magic really fake… I hope, please do make it real on Christmas Day”
Once in a year Christmas, hoping we can share this magical moment with everyone, from every part of the world, hand on hand, we pray for a better year, a better era; we pray for world peace, where everyone forever say “cheese”!
Reveal the angel and destroy the sin, just like Santa won’t let Grinch win.
A blessed Christmas!

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