Monday, August 20, 2007

Got hardly Raped & Killed!

The body was found lying on the road. It's arse hole was broke and to be believes that it's cause by a huge penis, which infer the murderer to be a two leg creature, as also found a t-shirt, which is quite new, left on the floor beside the dead body, just few inches away.

There are no sign of struggling before the death, so again is to believe that the decedent was enjoying during the "rape".

When arrive at the scene, found there is a bee flying around the body, but no flies!!! So, can be very sure that it just died few hours ago, and probably the dead body's smell was covered by perfume wear by the murderer. About the slug, I have no idea. So, just ignore it, guess it just want to be on the news.

There are some argument, saying that the decedent was raped, feel so sad and jump off the window to commit suicide.

Anyway, it's just a mouse, so won't border it too much, as someone even asked to destroy the body!

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