Friday, February 27, 2009


And here's a post about girls in my opinion. Not talking about boys, I know there is some shit fuckers out there, but hey, lets talk about girls at the moment. "All guys are the same, they just use their dick to think, to analyst, and to make decision!" Sentence seems familiar huh!? How about this one, girls in her "adorable" year, which probably, in her 14-16ish. All right, make it this way, there are two category of ladies living in a house. Below 18 and over 18. One of them just turn 19, and so, make her way to the pub, while left those below 18s in the house. They promise to get back home by "this" time, and so, those below 18s, I would consider them as the "barely legal", they prepare a birthday party for the birthday girl! Oh, the most touching one, they actually make a cake for her. Bitches are having fun in the pub, and one of them, kisses a guy (french kiss), while I wouldn't say she got drunk, as she know what is she doing, so, I would say while she got sky high with alcohol. Oh ya, she got a boyfriend. The rest, are like chilling, some put their legs on table, guys just sit opposite her... they just don't care... but "they are pervert, cam-cording ladies underwear" This one seems familiar as well right!? Complains by ladies of course! Its like over the edge now, and its getting late, but of course, they are 1-2 hours late for home. Those "barely legals" they are like keep waiting... some yawn... most of them, sleepy! Ok, they got home after a long wait... and having fun, throwing cakes all over around, chasing, kissing... crazy! After all the mess, it's time to sleep, and barely legals gathered around and complains, saying that they make the cake, organize everything, but bitches just ruined it all.

Get what I mean? Why I say barely legal? Cause, yes, they are adorable, but when its time, they just gone crazy! and keep crazy... Now, you complains about this and that, being cute, sweet and adorable, but when its u reach your clubbing time, you just turn out crazy!

Finally, alot of girls, they fucking hate Britney Spears, cause she got a really bad image, cheap bitch and an exposer! but hey, girls just love "Piece of Me", or maybe, they hate Britney Spears, won't even listen to her song, it's just fucking bitch! But hey, they love "My Hump"! So, what to say?

I do not mean every girls, but for those who oppose what I say, think deep and rethink, then give me your comment.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

4.00 a.m.

现是凌晨四点,很疲倦,刚放工,因为明天有fair. 真的很累,有时真的问自己,这样辛苦为了谁?自己吗?这样努力,为了是将来有间安乐窝,安乐窝,是因为希望以后能和心爱的人住在一起,希望将来有个幸福美满的家庭。起初,我在外国做劳力的工,但却没一句怨言,因为,每当辛苦后,有我“老婆“ 的声音安抚我,真的觉得很幸福!现在,一切已成为过去,对女人,我真的很失望,也很害怕,因为,她们实在太复杂了。更害怕的是,我始终学不懂变坏!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's 2.47 a.m. and I am sitting infront of my powerbook, writing this post. Yes, I just finished took a bath, and yes, I just came back from work.If memory serve me right, it was 2.15 a.m. while I left my company, heading back home. There is a weird feeling coming trough my mind, but I just don't know how to express it! It just weird. One thing did happened in office, which kinda borders me a lot. All my album design layout were rejected, and my color enhancing in photoshop just sucks, and hell my post-processing are slow! The photographer said, there are alot of better photos, but why u want to choose these for the design instead? I was like stuck and fucking lost. But does it mean that, I have a different sight of photography among three of us, is it I am inexperience, or is it I am just not potential? Anyway, I don't really fucking care. What I am thinking recently is, to learn, and practice make perfect! I have my own planning no matter what, so, I won't really worry of anything... for now and keep learning the skills they have... SO that I can keep upgrading myself!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Who?

Guess who I met today? David Thian. A photographer ofcourse. For those who not sure who is this, here is the website! Have a lil chat with him in Starbucks. We have talked about our favorite world class photographers, talked about hobbies... shared some experience, although I have not much to be share with... hehe! He's a guy who really nice to talk to!

U heard it, have u seen one?


Thursday, February 19, 2009

My new lov...

This is the star tortoise am keeping. Not my photo tough.

Bought myself a tortoise couple! Sooooooo cute! Actually, I have been wanting to keep this species... since secondary school! Truly expensive at that time, it cost like 80 grants! Kinda hard to find it these days tough, as they have been put into endangered species!! It's illegal to keep this species in Malaysia, or might say, the rest of the world, except their origin! Guess what, haha! I got them!! But of course, it cost me RM180 each!!!!!!!! Jesus!!!!!! "Buy it or not, price is fix!" So, bought it. They are really shy, so, not gonna bother them for a few days, incase got them into stress! But soon, gonna put them in the living room, as they have to get use to the environment tough. Anyway, not much family member in my house, so, percentage from getting stress are low.

My dad is 13 years old

All right, He is 13 (Alfie) and she is 15 (Chantelle). What the hell happened to this world? All right, since it has happened, but try look at it in another way. He told how he and Chantelle, decided against an abortion after discovering she was pregnant. How would a little guy in this age will have this thinking? Positive! This shows how an Adult are incomparable to a child! Although, this was wrong at the first place, but they do actually wins for good moral! At least they know appreciate life!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All right, Morocco!

These were from last Aug. 2008! Morocco Trip!

In Morocco... met these ladies, who I think is from Swiss if my memories serve me right. They were showing us, their cultural dance, which is really a big culture exchange! Love it!

We ended up "dancing in da pub"...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Human Life?

by Jonathan

"Every person was born of the earth, one day, when death approaches, one must return to the earth. This is what makes life interesting and enjoyable. The important thing is how one chooses to live life and at the end, if you have felt proud of your life."
by Jonathan (a multi disciplinary graphic artist)

Friday, February 06, 2009


我知道伤心不能改变什么 那么 让我诚实一点;
诚实 难免有不能控制的宣泄 只要关上了门 不必理谁...
一个人坐在空荡包厢里面 手机 让它休息一夜;
难 像切歌切掉回忆的画面 眼泪不能不能流过十二点...

生日快乐 我对自己说 蜡烛点了 寂寞亮了
生日快乐 泪也融了 我要谢谢你给的你拿走的一切...

还爱你 带一点恨 还要时间 才能平衡
热恋伤痕 幻灭重生 祝我生日快乐...


Happy Birthday William! Happy Birthday... ... ... ... Pei...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Finally is here

"action say more than words, a picture say more than a thousand words!"

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Just finished as a translator for the company! Gosh! What a job with low wage needed to do translation as well... what a job... and after the "essay" while sending to the customer, it's by another colleque name. Haha! stupidly great!


Ideal wedding do really appreciate your kindness explanation, and to make a good understanding regarding your respected request. Meanwhile, our studio was closed from the 24th Jan – 3rd Feb for Chinese New Year Celebration, and do really apologize for the long wait reply, hope you understand.

In our professional stand, we have the duty to let you understand, that from the very beginning, our company holds our own concept and style, neither in photography nor design layout and of course, it’s been well recognize by lots of customers.

Misunderstanding will probably happen when there wasn’t any clear communication or well informed between both parties. Anyway, we did explain that we usually design our album for customers using contemporary magazine design template without any extreme makeup as to remain the originality art of photography!

Anyway, customers “always” come first, after having a meeting with certain department, we have come out with a solution, which is to cooperate with your idea and work it out as you wish. But, at the same time, we hope you can understand that our company always holds and insist on the originality art of photography, and your request is truly a huge contrast comparing to ours, we hope to make it a crossover concept instead, by having your name on the album, stating “’your name’ design crossover” & Photography by Ideal Wedding.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if this would be fine for you, and once agreed with the crossover concept mentioned, we are be more than will to continue with the whole design process and try our best not to disappoint you.

We are looking forward for your reply, and to avoid any delay on the post production, please reply to us as soon as possible. Thank you very much and again, do apologize for the misunderstanding.




最后一天了,明天开始打战了... 我将把自己封闭两年!我需要修炼!