Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wealth and Poverty

Recently, on a project of showing wealth and poverty in a photo-essay form. Realize there was a campaign of Wealth and Poverty during 2006. Kinda like the concept though. Below attached some advert found on YouTube. Realize...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Aspiration...

Still remember when I was in my Primary school. I was so desperate in Photography, hmm... but my parents just won't allow to. They want me to study well, only concerntrate on my studies!

Friday, November 28, 2008

What I have learn...

Start from scratch, I have been learning photo touch up in my company for about a week now... Wish to make her slimmer though, but erm... she would become another person, so, couldn't do so... haha!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18 Nov. 2008

Now it's 6.25 in the morning. I am sitting here in McD, writing this board. Ok, first thing I would like to say is, I don't like KL. Why? Before coming over here, already understand that the life in KL are very tight schedule, stressful, lots of people, traffic jam, it's all nightmare. Today, sitting here in a KL McD, watching people coming in one by one, some even threat McD as a shelter, spend a night here, use the facility to brush teeth, and all the cleaning stuff... What is this!? Is the life here so difficult? Gosh! I never see this happen in Penang, all right or maybe I didn't experience it like staying up till 6 in the morning sitting in a McD. Tuesday 6.38 a.m. first impression, and first feeling of KL, -80%

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wiki of "Ah Lian & Ah Beng"

"Ah lian is a pejorative term commonly given to a certain group of young Chinese girls in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia. These chinese girls, whose age ranging from their adolescent years to late 20s, usually centralised in the busier and more developed cities in the region. They are regarded as bimbos, and are stereotyped as anti-intellectual, superficial, materialistic, and shallow.

The Ah lian "culture" is especially prevalant in schools, typified by their frequent use of vulgarities and appearance in cliques(joined by their male counter parts Ah bengs).

Ah Lians commonly speak in a kind of hybrid mix of Singlish and Chinese, or Chinese-related dialects. It is also common for the grammar from these dialects to cross over English usage, creating English phrases with Chinese grammar."


Ah Beng is a term commonly given to a group of young Chinese men in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. These Chinese men, whose age ranging from their early teens to late 20s, usually centralise in the busier and more developed cities in the region. Ah bengs typically speak local slang, which is Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay, such as Manglish or Singlish. They are often stereotypically portrayed to be anti-intellectual, superficial and materialistic and shallow. These values often lead to a lack of culture or indulgence in criminal activity or being involved in brawling or affray out of disagreement with other people.

Ah Beng comes from the romanization of the Hokkien pronunciation of 阿明. 明 is a word commonly used in the names of Chineses in the region; it means bright.


Friday, November 14, 2008


沒有人介入 所有人覺得你該滿足
我把心血全都付出 你為何想要哭
為你作主 讓你受到我的保護
可是你想受苦 到底是誰難以相處

我給你幸福 你問我什麼才是幸福
你怕束縛 我的愛沒能把你馴服
你沒有退路 那倒不如爽快結束

就讓你見識我的風度 你離開我要不要慶祝
我不怕愛的殘酷 反正我很想跳舞
我最喜歡挑戰孤獨 我也愛放下包袱
沒有誰 我也不捨得哭 我 我不在乎

你覺得痛苦 我倒不願意為愛受苦
只有這樣 我才做到對你的背叛寬恕
想給你幸福 想不到分手你才幸福
是誰的錯誤 我不認輸 我忍得住

就讓你見識我的風度 你離開我要不要慶祝
我不怕愛的殘酷 反正我很想跳舞
我最喜歡挑戰孤獨 我也愛放下包袱
沒有誰 我也不捨得哭 我沒有空在乎

就讓你見識我的風度 我忍痛溫柔的祝福
你會一生都記住 我要你銘心刻骨
我最喜歡挑戰孤獨 我也愛放下了包袱
沒有誰 沒難度 我最怕哭
愛要愛得投入 卻不在乎

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


她让我找回了自己的兴趣,她让我踏出了第一步... 她让我开始了人生第一段脉象成功的路... 她让我从此跌倒,回到原点,痛失很多,艰难的再爬起... 还在很努力的爬着... 辛苦的爬着...

Monday, November 10, 2008

6th day

Flyer, Bright Sun! This is my job today!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

5th day of working

All right, for today. I was doing nothing again! Today and tomorrow company organized a promotion. So, definitely, I have no idea of any of the thingy happening in there. What did I done for today? At first I was designing a voucher, which I have no idea when is its due date, and photographer, keep telling me to use this that, change this change that... So, feels like it's not that urgent anyway! Sometime, near noon, customers flogging in to our shop, so, everyone was busy giving details to the customers about promotions, only me was left in the office, totally lost! So, just keep concentrate on the voucher, but suddenly the photographer bang in, and ask for the voucher. I was shocked! "You didn't mention that I need to finish it by noon! Gosh, and during lunch time, you just speaks to me, there won't be any fair going on today, it's canceled! That's funny!" All right, so obviously, those missing blocks are going to fill up with some stupid picture, as it's urgent "suddenly"! Ok, I did it in 5 minutes! What then? Sit in the office, wondering... and then, a staff pops in, and say "Can you please help me give out the mineral water for the customers? Thank u." God!! Ok, I did it! Then... sit inside office again. After a while, a staff pop in again, "Can you please help turn up the music?" Ok, I did! Few more minutes later, "Can you please turn down the music please, thank you." Did it! After like 15 minutes later, one staff knock in again, "Can you please help throw the rubbish the customers left?" OHH... god! I get enough with this!!!! All right, did it! Then it was a long piece... During evening, can you please help the others buy some burgers? All right, at least this is better. Ok, I went. After come back... stay upstairs in the office again, now, there left only a few customers, so, some of the staff start to relax d... One came in, saying like, "Wow... it's so busy today... you good la, you are so free" pointing me. I just smile. Nearly 9 then, the manager come up and say tomorrow you join Kk(Staff) go give out flyer at Pisa. What can you say, oklo... WHAT THE FUCK!! AM I A PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANT? Which of the work stated above suit this position? and WHAT THE FUCK a MASTER doing there????????

Friday, November 07, 2008

3rd day

Still the same, but at least got more chatting with them... Erm... working condition... same still... working on a design with a feeling like no future, then still thinking of "her"... sad while working... almost the same anyway... finished late like 11 something, while working hour should be until 9pm only...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


不是说要把她忘了吗? 不是说到好像没事了吗,放下了吗? 不是说下个会更好吗? 只是“得把口“!萧延峰你真没出息,做男人做到这样,你有何用!成功在以你专一,做人在道德上你是成功了,失败在于你根本不是大男人!!因为你放不下!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2nd Day...

Although, today is my off day, but I joined the photographer(U Wang) and the assistant(Kk) went outing together with two more models(U Wang's friends)! Erm... still nothing much to do, as feels like I am just wondering around. But of course I am observing! Feels like 50mm comes in handy every time! Guess will need to get one soon! know a bit more about the lighting, hmm... guess it's not that hard anyway... no matter what, still will need to powered the technical part of my external flash first. First day was quirky for me, second day, which is today, erm... still is quirky... Anyway, keep in mind, photography skills and angle is much more important. Learn, learn, learn!!


心情如何呢,还不错,只是早到半个钟,但又要等多一个钟!摄影师到了后,就立刻进摄影棚,也呆呆的不懂要做些什么,乱走一通。可是,就因为这样,却学会蛮多东西的!就只一天喔!还真不好意识跟那顾客呢... 但第一天就要桃腰包,因为可爱的顾客忘记带钱包!! ||| 也没还我叻,二十快呢!可是,看来我需要学开手排车了,因为公司车是手排的. 不好意识跟那摄影师,因为反过来,要他当司机!|||

Sunday, November 02, 2008


刚去了Alor Star 朋友介绍的紫微算命师傅那儿算了算,出乎预料,我命有这样好吗?哈哈!事业,钱财,夫妻都不错,有整七个缘呢,而且都是很不错的!但可能需等到34岁才能结婚了,因为有个已过了. 还蛮准的!不要紧吧,就当她不懂珍惜,失去我是她的损失!师傅还告诉我,我适合离乡背井,对我事业有更大的帮助!可是去哪呢?不可能回英国做waiter吧. 再看吧,一两年后,有了一定的水准,再看要飞哪里吧,可能上海说不定,可能姻缘就在那,也说不定!哈哈!反正堂哥和阿嫂在那,不致于孤独. 再看吧,再看吧,事情都还没有一撇. 先专心搞好现在吧!还有就是,我要注意家,“死“ 字在这里,改掉不好的脾气,要改,就当耳边风吧,别再吵吵闹闹了!好啦!不说了!加油!加油!加油!

Ideal Wedding Bridal Studio

15 hours to go...

Saturday, November 01, 2008


This is kind of deep... I am wondering what and how a critical artist's thought and how is their point of view? After looking at this film, I feel like it's a bit crazy, as stories change from time to time, stories can be happy or sad. Photography is all about story telling, but why is Richard has this kind of feeling that he wants to quit because of environment changed? I might say beside pure happiness, there are much more thoughts flowing into portraits these days. As more things happening and is much complex in a portrait now days. Lots more complicated and lots more hidden meaning. This can be really interesting. There are much more stories to be tell.

It's all about Turkey...

Here are some really nice Panoramic Travel Photography, it really shows the impact, the truth and culture of Turkey! But personally, I would prefer a more touching background rather than this high tempo song.

Nordic Light | International Festival of Photography

Truth is Subjective.
Truth is Objective.
What is Truth?

A photograph is Information.
A photograph s Emotion.
What is a Photograph?

A photograph represents Reality.
A photograph Documents Reality.
What is Real?

A photograph can depict Humans.
A photograph can depict Nature.
What is Human Nature?

A photograph is Seen.
A photograph is Felt.
Can you see what I Feel?
Can you feel what I See?

A photograph is captured Mechanically.
A photograph is captured Manualy.
Why not set it Free? "

Continue my path..."Shooting High Fashion"

最近真的很烦,可说是烦上加烦. 面对父母亲,真的没心情和他们谈... 心好乱,却又要好好向他们解释, 没什么耐心. 真的要被一个两个给烦到我发疯了. 有今天这样,都是因为那个女的. 简直是个大骗子!真的被她害死!不死都半死!亏我为她付出这样多!爸刚问我一千块一个月就用完?又被骂了!还不是又是那个女的!这样的来回,送这送那,最后却说完全没机会!天下尽然有着种人!还说纹身!!要害我吗?在槟城一个月的我,坐在电脑前现在的我,这样的惨以狼狈因为谁?是她!!“希望你能在事业上成功,加油!“ 讲得很好听是吗!?当然讲的轻松,因为受害者是我. 祸害者,嘴巴当然说的顺吧!欺骗感情的人,你以后最好是有我今天,被你设计的这样个遭遇!之前在大家面前说你的好,我现在要通通收回!YOU DON'T FUCKING DESERVE A GOOD HUSBAND!! YOU DON"T!!