Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Applying for a job "Ideal Wedding Bridal Studio"

Dear sir / madam,

I am writing this email hoping to be given an opportunity to work as a photographer assistant in Ideal Wedding Bridal Studio. I was first more on conceptual and graphic communication, then into photography when I start to realize, that's still my big interest, since my childhood. I have been into documentary or reportage photography during my MA degree. That's what I have been learning and my knowledge in photography. I have always wanted to broaden my photography skills and knowledge. So, by learning to shoot portrait and lighting skills will bring me up to another level in photography. The reason why I choose to work as a photographer assistant, is because I still haven't got much working experience, and that's the only position I am more comfortable to begin with in this industry. Below attached is my CV and some sample photographs I have shot. Please do not hesitate to contact or email me for further details as I am looking forward to receive your reply. That will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Hi William,

Thank you very much for your mail, I've sreened thru your CV and I guess you're over qualified to become a assistant photographer, but we're interested on hiring a junior photographer at this moment if you don't mind to give yourself a try to gain more experiences with a lower pay then we could possible to arrange an interview with you. Guess this is a good start for you, hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much. Have a great Day !

Warmest Regards
Ally Lim
Operation Planning Manager

Hi Ally Lim,

It's very nice to hear from you. I am so glad to hear that you are giving me a chance to work as a junior photographer, and this will be one in a million opportunity, really appreciate it. The reason why I am applying to start out as a photographer's assistant is because I only have experience in shooting reportage or in the other way documentary shots and it's all only from school project and traveling. To be frank, I haven't experience with anything related to lighting, posture, and shooting studio portraits. I am keen to learn as photography is my desperate. Wages is not my priority decision, as I am hoping to strengthen my basics. I am looking forward to have an interview with you, and again really appreciate for giving me the opportunity to work in your studio. Hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you very much.

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