Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Applying for a job "KenRay"

Dear sir,

I am writing to apply for a position as a Graphic Designer. Since my childhood, art and design has always be my big interest. During my college year, I start to realize advertising, concept and creative ideas, which I find it challenging and sense of achievement. I just came back from UK, and a fresh graduate from University of Wolverhampton. I know and understand about your company from one of my friend, who was an Art Director, whose name is Conan. I am keen to learn and I am confident that I will be learning fast and achieve certain level in my work in a short period. Hopefully I can have a further interview with you, and to show my desperate in this firm also my ability in creativity.

I am looking forward to receive your reply and it will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Below Attached is my CV.

Dear sir,

I have just sent my CV for a vacancy as a Graphic Designer by email. Here I attached some of my Portfolio for your further consideration. Thank you.

Dear William,

Thanks for your resume. Our Creative Director would like to meet you for an interview. Do let us know your convenience time and date.

Hi Esther,

Many thanks for replying. Any date and time will be fine, how about, let say, this Friday? Will it be convenience? Please do let me know the time which, the Creative Director are more comfortable with. May I know, how do I address your Creative Director?

Thanks again for replying me the email, do really appreciate it.

Hi William,

Ok let say at 3pm this Friday (17/10/2008), is this ok?

You can address him as Kenny.

Kindly find the attached file of our location map for your info, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarifications.



Hi Esther,

Absolutely yes, that will be great, and the coincident is I just live near your company.

Thank you again.

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