Saturday, November 08, 2008

5th day of working

All right, for today. I was doing nothing again! Today and tomorrow company organized a promotion. So, definitely, I have no idea of any of the thingy happening in there. What did I done for today? At first I was designing a voucher, which I have no idea when is its due date, and photographer, keep telling me to use this that, change this change that... So, feels like it's not that urgent anyway! Sometime, near noon, customers flogging in to our shop, so, everyone was busy giving details to the customers about promotions, only me was left in the office, totally lost! So, just keep concentrate on the voucher, but suddenly the photographer bang in, and ask for the voucher. I was shocked! "You didn't mention that I need to finish it by noon! Gosh, and during lunch time, you just speaks to me, there won't be any fair going on today, it's canceled! That's funny!" All right, so obviously, those missing blocks are going to fill up with some stupid picture, as it's urgent "suddenly"! Ok, I did it in 5 minutes! What then? Sit in the office, wondering... and then, a staff pops in, and say "Can you please help me give out the mineral water for the customers? Thank u." God!! Ok, I did it! Then... sit inside office again. After a while, a staff pop in again, "Can you please help turn up the music?" Ok, I did! Few more minutes later, "Can you please turn down the music please, thank you." Did it! After like 15 minutes later, one staff knock in again, "Can you please help throw the rubbish the customers left?" OHH... god! I get enough with this!!!! All right, did it! Then it was a long piece... During evening, can you please help the others buy some burgers? All right, at least this is better. Ok, I went. After come back... stay upstairs in the office again, now, there left only a few customers, so, some of the staff start to relax d... One came in, saying like, "Wow... it's so busy today... you good la, you are so free" pointing me. I just smile. Nearly 9 then, the manager come up and say tomorrow you join Kk(Staff) go give out flyer at Pisa. What can you say, oklo... WHAT THE FUCK!! AM I A PHOTOGRAPHER'S ASSISTANT? Which of the work stated above suit this position? and WHAT THE FUCK a MASTER doing there????????

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