Wednesday, November 05, 2008


不是说要把她忘了吗? 不是说到好像没事了吗,放下了吗? 不是说下个会更好吗? 只是“得把口“!萧延峰你真没出息,做男人做到这样,你有何用!成功在以你专一,做人在道德上你是成功了,失败在于你根本不是大男人!!因为你放不下!


Anonymous said...

Dear Yan Hong

Hi, Yan Hong. Please don't force yourself. Let it be... You just try to focus on your career and anything. I believe you need time to cure it. The wound is still new and bleeding, but just don't let it bleeding non-stop. Please set a time for yourself.

If you meet the 2nd one, maybe you can easy to let go her. I'm not suggesting the 2nd as replacement, but when you had someone to focus, you will easy to leave behind the previous relationship.

I always support you in the term of moral, buddy!

Good Day

Sean Lee said...

Y.Hong, I agree wth wat Boon said, focus ur career, once day u will understand she is not so important for u... We kampateh together! Once day, our dream will come true...

nicholas said...

hi dude,
time can cure ur sadness and hurt, i know is easy to ask u this ask u that, but feeling is very miracle 1, just put ur concentrate on your job, it will be ok very soon.
天下处处有芳草, cheers’ up…