Sunday, January 18, 2009

be or not to be...

Yesterday was my first wedding photo session, needed to handle the whole photo session myself. It's a wedding anniversary actually. Client require to have it more posture shots instead shooting naturally, which is my worst nightmare, shooting lots posture shots! Two more things, which are, I am truly sick and was limited to a short set of time. By the end of the day, when I am in front of the computer, looking at all the shots, I really got fed up, and stress! 90% of the shots are rubbish, not even pass through myself, how are those shots going to pass through client's hand? And so, I compared wedding actual day and studio photography, I start wondering, if this is what I truly enjoy doing... I am so energetic while shooting wedding actual day, shooting moment naturally but hell no to studio shots, there is really no satisfaction going through the whole process! So, should I go for photojournalist or bridal photographer... Photojournalist sure is my answer, but bridal photographer... erm... is that what I want?

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