Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Penang Remembered 2008

it did blossom, it is fall... 12.56p.m.
"Jalan Khaw Sim Bee"

to advancement or to destroy... 1.14p.m.
"Jalan Perak"

giving way to a brand new year... 1.37p.m.
"Jalan Logan"

will time fill up the gap? 1.53p.m.
"Westlands Sport School"

art & craft, or should I retire? 2.22p.m.
"Carnarvon Street"

will time stop ticking, while candle light's off? 3.12p.m.
"Kuan Yin Temple"

worship, respect and realize... 3.30p.m.
"Kuan Yin Temple"

god blessed, a better year... 3.34p.m.
"Kuan Yin Temple"

seclusion 3.47p.m.
"Kuan Yin Temple"

Working day... 4.50p.m.
"Little India"

It's a visual account of the last 24 hour 0f year 2008


nicholas said...

buddy, u really a great photographer...

Anonymous said...


rickydaskylinez said...

yea.. nize..
black n whit 4 de past...
colorful 4 de future...

NDM said...

i like :D ...