Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's 2.47 a.m. and I am sitting infront of my powerbook, writing this post. Yes, I just finished took a bath, and yes, I just came back from work.If memory serve me right, it was 2.15 a.m. while I left my company, heading back home. There is a weird feeling coming trough my mind, but I just don't know how to express it! It just weird. One thing did happened in office, which kinda borders me a lot. All my album design layout were rejected, and my color enhancing in photoshop just sucks, and hell my post-processing are slow! The photographer said, there are alot of better photos, but why u want to choose these for the design instead? I was like stuck and fucking lost. But does it mean that, I have a different sight of photography among three of us, is it I am inexperience, or is it I am just not potential? Anyway, I don't really fucking care. What I am thinking recently is, to learn, and practice make perfect! I have my own planning no matter what, so, I won't really worry of anything... for now and keep learning the skills they have... SO that I can keep upgrading myself!

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