Thursday, April 16, 2009

in U's memories...

U is of-course stands for U Wang, my "master" I consider. Went to his photography blog, and downloaded some of my memories with him as well as his wife, Jenny and "Wai", Jenny's bro...

Below photographs are all captured by Uwang

Lomography version~

Our customer... if memory serve me right, we are having a break, while the bride went to get change in a coffee house. Her husband quite into photography as well, so, invited him to have fun together with U's new baby, Holga!

14th Mar 2009

Together with KK, an experienced Junior Photographer and Jenny's bro, "Wai" organized a one day trip round Penang. Although, of course we didn't finish visited the whole Penang, but did have fun!

Here presented are photos from Kek Lok Si temple~

Yes, above two are Jenny & "Wai"

Mine is on the way...

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