Saturday, July 11, 2009

I need a girl...

Yo, yo, I done met a lot of women, in my lifetime
but see, it's not a lot of women, that got the right mind
I done had pretty chicks, wit' all the right features
and hood-rat chicks, that only rock sneakers
cell-phones and beepers, and know how to treat ya'
you break her heart, she'll walk out, and leave ya'
I find a girl, I'm a keep her, cause know I'm getting money
and the game getting deeper, yo' on some real shit
I need somebody, I can chill wit', I need somebody, I can build wit'
I need somebody, I can hold tight, wintertime, and the full-length's
snow-white, anytime, we together, feels so right
you the girl, I been looking for, my whole life
God blessed me, I'm glad I got the insight
because of you girl, now I understand life, I need a girl!

I had a girl, that would a died for me
Didn't appreciate her, so i made her cry for me
every night, she had tears in her eyes for me
caught a case, shorty took the whole ride for me
at first, we were friends, then became lovers
you was more than my girl, we was like brothers
all night, we would play fight, undercover
now you gone
can't love you, like I really wanna
but every time, I think about, your pretty smile
and how we used to drive, the whole city wild
damn, I wish you would've, had my child, a pretty little girl
wit' "Willy" style
this shit is wild, all them days, that I reminisce
about the way, I used to kiss, them pretty lips
but as long as you happy,
I'm a tell you this, I love you girl
and you're the one, that I will always miss
I love you, yeah

I need a girl, to ride, ride, ride
I need a girl, to make my wife
I need a girl, who's mine, all mine
I need a girl, in my life
I need a girl, to ride, ride, ride
I need a girl, to make my wife
nobody else, she's all mine (All mine, Girl, you mean so much to me)
I need a girl, in my life

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