Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unless I found my own job, my own profession...

Translation from cantonese...

Carol (Cashier): Erm, do you know table 38, have they pay their bill?

X (Waiter): (Thinking)... Not Re...(going to say something)

Carol (Cashier): Urm, Guess you won't know anyway, I will just ask A...(Thinking of a guy name - My friend, who just become a supervisor) Al, Alv, Alvin.

X (Waiter): Oh, ok. (Thinking... I was on section 2 and 3, and it's busy today, and the dessert on section 2 finish fast and need to be refill, table 38 is on section 3, but it's impossible to put 100% attention on just that table!) (and what do you mean by "guess you won't know anyway!")

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