Tuesday, September 02, 2008

13, 18, 25

A friend of mine, who is working together in the same restaurant, he's a Caucasian and he is 17, if not mistaken. We get along quite well and have fun all the time. I am now 23, and it seems like we are in the same age! But think again, I'm 5 years older, and I am a master graduate while he still in his college year!

Think again, we need 5 years to complete our secondary school. During these years, it seems like it's quite a long while having fun, and experienced so many things, nothing seems to be worry!

Back to present. 5 years before, and 5 years after, while I'm in my 17 and looking back now. Am I still doing the same thing, while others are building their own path and their own future? 5 years from now, and that will be a near age 30! Am I still going to have fun, chilling with a 17 years old, or shall I be started worrying of building up my own family?

5 years seems long, but during the fifth year, time flew and we din even know, feels like it just happened yesterday!

"Give you another 5 years, and that will be a 35, what do you think you will be doing, if you just realized and started getting on your own path during your 30?"

Just realized, I will need at least RM500,000 for my own property, which that will be just a starting point. How about my future? I will get merry and I will have children, how about their future?

"Do you think "RM" 500,000 will only takes 10 years to save it? Do you think after 20 years you will have that amount of money?"

23 years old are too old to realized, but it's not too late to make decision! But bare in mind, there isn't any 5 years extra to make mistakes, cause there won't be any room for regret! Unless you'll gonna live till 100 years old but run and jump like a 20's!

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