Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Choose the Right Path...

These days, wondering... Should I go for Photographer's assistant? or shall I start working as a graphic designer? Photography, I just like to shoot reportage... will I be happy working in Bridal Studio, which only shoots directed portraits? Am I wasting my time, working as a photographer's assistant, for years? In the other way, I hope to become a manager in this industry, but shall I take the risk? Can I?

I did hope to become an Art Director, this is my dream, during my college year, but don't know why, I gave up this dream during my BA degree. Asking why, but I really don't know!

It keeps turning and turning, going round and round. Finally, I have made up my mind. Why not, back to what I have been made for, start from there, one step further to achieve the dream as an Art Director. In the meantime, meet some pro photographers, make friend with them, ask them about more photography knowledge. Still learn isn't it?

Guess this will be more practical and advisable. Go on William! You can do it! I'm sure you can achieve both, you still will keep shooting photographs when you are an Art Director. Who knows, maybe you are an Art Director, also a Freelance Wedding Reportage Photographer. Believe in myself, and believe in god, work hard and pray hard! Erm... sounds funny, but still be adviced!

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Anonymous said...

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