Friday, December 12, 2008


hmm... I wish you good luck then. Seems like, our fate is vanishing... maybe we have failed the test, which god gave us. Maybe, we didn't became husband and wife in our past life, and god gives us one more chance in our present life, but we failed the test. Next life, we might meet again, but who knows our memories have been rubbed off, probably we might fail the test again... and guess this cycle will always be a sad ending... who knows maybe I'll be you and you'll be me, and probably, I might be the one who dumbed you, and so... cycle starts again... when, and how many life will we become husband and wife? I am really looking forward to... but it's a long long, long long wait, that even myself can't really imagine it. I WISH... my memories will still there by our next life, so that, I won't make the same mistakes again, and we might end the cycles and become the most blessed couple ever!

"I got in~love with a girl in my age of 20, my first and her first love in my college. Our love is so pure, that even myself wouldn't believe it... the purest love ever... just like in the movie... we meet and we realize we born in the same year, same month, same date, same hour, and I was born 1 minute earlier, she was in the next minute!" I believe god have tried his very best, to make us sweetest couple in the world, but he is disappointed... I am sorry, I have again failed to make this happen... I am sorry... but I have tried my best!


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