Friday, December 12, 2008

Work & Off Day

Whenever I think of I need to go work tomorrow, I feel tired and bored. On monday, I feel happy, cause tuesday is off day. On tuesday, I feel bored and seems like memories flowing back... sad of course. By end of the day, feel bored again, cause tomorrow need to work. WHY? I hate staying at home, but every time reaches 9p.m. sharp. I am preparing to go back home. My life should have be very interesting, very lovely, but why?

Staying alone at home, I feel sick! After beers with friends, go back home, sleep, but woke up on 5 in the morning, why? Memories flew past my dream. God... did I done something wrong? I didn't hurt anyone... but why is this happening to me? Why, Why, Why, Why, Why? My attitude did changed, I have become a good boy at home, but why am I changing back? Why?

I really hate social, it let me feel so fake, but again, Why? Why?

I want to become a photographer, I want to get paid at least 3k! I want to do freelance, I want to earn extra! I want 10k income per month! I want to do business as well! I want to have a Printing Shop as an investment, I want to have a restaurant as an investment! I want to be rich!!!!

Can I forget everything by then? Will I be happy by then? Can I swept away all the memories by then? Can I? WHY!?

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